At a glance
> Reservoir : 27,8 hm3 - 421 ha
>  Main dam : 1455m long - 14m high
> Design flow of the power plant : 980 m3/s
> Installed capacity : 420 MW (7 x 60 MW)
> Commissioning by 2022

Press releases


Comprehensive survey of affected lands and properties

The development of the Project will entail the temporary or permanent loss of land for the population: loss of some agricultural land and loss of few properties.


A comprehensive survey was conducted concerning people, land, properties, collective goods, sacred sites and impacted practices. This has lead to a resettlement action plan issued in july 2016, in favor of local communities affected by the project, whose objective is to restore the standards of living of affected people, according to Cameroonian legislation and international best practices.



After the signature of the Ministerial decree n°001516/MINDCAF/SG/D1/D14 for declaring the public utility of the Project (“DUP” decree) on 10 November 2014, the “Commission de Constat et d’Evaluation” was established on 5 march 2015 by the Governor of Province “Centre” to organize this survey and the marking of boundaries of the DUP area.

Affected people and properties survey was carried out from august 2015 to may 2016.


Compensating actions program shall be put in place in collaboration with Government in Q4-2016.


In March and April 2015, regional authorities, with the project team support, organized public information meetings to share the main features and planning of the project, and to announce the beginning of affected properties surveys (in October 2015 in Mfoundi):



Division Sub-Division Place of meeting
Date and time of meeting
Haute-Sanaga Mbandjock Ndjore 12 march 2015 at 10 AM
Lékié Batchenga Batchenga 19 march 2015 at 11 AM
Lékié Obala Obala 19 march 2015 at 2 PM
Mbam-et-Kim Ntui Bindandjengue 29 april 2015 at 11 AM
Méfou-et-Afamba Soa Nkozoa 30 march 2015 at 10 AM
Mfoundi Yaoundé 1er Nyom 2 6 october 2015 at 2 PM


Timetable of comprehensive survey :


Department Sub-division Census start date
Haute-Sanaga Mbandjock 20 august 2015
Lékié Batchenga 22 september 2015
Lékié Obala 7 april 2016
Mbam-et-Kim Ntui 10 november 2015
Méfou-et-Afamba Soa 6 april 2016
Mfoundi Yaoundé 1er 4 april 2016


Recensement des biens et proprietés
tl_files/fM_k0001/images/environement.png ENVIRONMENT
Nachtigal amont Project has been designed in order to avoid as many negative impacts as possible (...)


The project is carrying out disclosure of information and public consultations (...)


A Grievance mechanism has been put in place by the Project in early 2015 to receive and facilitate (...)