At a glance
> Reservoir : 27,8 hm3 - 421 ha
>  Main dam : 1455m long - 14m high
> Design flow of the power plant : 980 m3/s
> Installed capacity : 420 MW (7 x 60 MW)
> Commissioning by 2022

Press releases



Nachtigal amont Project has been designed in order to avoid as many negative impacts as possible. The remaining impacts have been reduced and appropriate mitigation measures are defined in the framework of the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP).


The Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the Project was carried out in 2006, and updated in 2011: see Documents. The Environmental compliance certificate was issued by Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development in April 2014 on the basis of those ESIA.


Additional biodiversity surveys have been conducted on the flora and fauna in the project area in 2014 and 2015, in order to complete those ESIA and to enable to deliver a detailed and operational Environmental and Social Management Plan (currently being finalized).


The projected reservoir will flood a relatively small area (421 ha) of which more than half is already occupied by the Sanaga River. The construction phase will require limited deforestation. In the project area, the forest is already largely degraded and does not have any conservation protection status.


The terrestrial flora survey concluded that globally, every affected plant formation encountered on the project site exists at other local sites, either on Sanaga riverbanks or those of its tributaries. Most of the floristic species present in the project area have a large ecological spectrum, and are therefore able to thrive in a variety of forest types. There is one species of aquatic plant belonging to the family “Podostemaceae”, endemic to the project site that is currently classified as “critically endangered” by the IUCN and which needs to be further studied. A specific study is currently being conducted to collect information about its ecology.




Ledermaniella Sanagaensis


In terms of terrestrial habitats, the project occupies a zone that is already highly disturbed, and few species of large fauna are found there.  However, the terrestrial fauna survey identified two protected species (“class A” according to current Cameroonian legislation) in the project area, namely the green Touraco and the giant Pangolin.


Hydrological regime of Sanaga river shall be relatively unaffected by the Project as the power plant will be operate mainly as a run of river plant (limited flows variations shall occur during peak hours), apart from in the river section between the dam and the power plant where release will be limited in dry season. An environmental guaranteed flow will be implemented in this section of the Sanaga River, in order to maintain permanent flows downstream of the dam.



Mitigation measures (avoidance, reduction or compensation) are defined within the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) (currently being finalised); however the environmental impact assessment has already shown that the project will not induce any major environmental impacts.




The project is carrying out disclosure of information and public consultations (...)


The development of the Project will entail the temporary or permanent loss of land for the population (...)


A Grievance mechanism has been put in place by the Project in early 2015 to receive and facilitate (...)