At a glance
> Reservoir : 27,8 hm3 - 421 ha
>  Main dam : 1455m long - 14m high
> Design flow of the power plant : 980 m3/s
> Installed capacity : 420 MW (7 x 60 MW)
> Commissioning by 2022

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Project Outline

The hydroelectric facility consists of the following elements:


  • Two Roller Compacted Concrete dams (total length of 2,000m; height above foundations around 15m) on the Sanaga River to  create a 27.8 million m3 reservoir with a surface of 4.21 km2 at Normal Operating Level.

  • A headrace concrete lined canal (about 3.3 km long and 14m deep in average) to conduct water to the hydroelectric power plant with a maximum flow rate of 980 m3/s corresponding to the design flow of the hydroelectric power plant equipment

  • An hydroelectric power plant including seven 60 MW Francis turbines able to operate either as run of river plant or an intermediate peaking plant

  • A secondary power plant to generate electricity from the environmental flow rate (riparian release) to be discharged downstream of the dam
  • A double busbar 225 kV generation substation and a double circuit 50.3 km transmission line (225kV) equipped with two bundle conductors to transport the power produced from the power plant generation substation to the Nyom  2 connection substation.

Construction of the facility shall start by the end of 2017. The commissioning of the first turbine is expected between 2021 and 2022.






On 8 November 2013, the Nachtigal amont Consortium comprising (...)



The Project is located on the Sanaga River about 65 km north-east of Yaoundé, in the central region  (...)